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Palo Verde Dentistry - Thihan C. Phan DDS 3D Cone Beam Imaging Dental Implant Placement Avondale, AZ 

Placing Implants With Precision


Dr. Phan wants to know precisely where to place your dental implant. Not 99 percent sure, but completely positive that the angle, rotation, depth, width and height of both the implant and the color-matched restoration will fit so well within your mouth it will be indistinguishable from the rest of your teeth.  By utilizing the most sophisticated technology in dental imaging (3D Cone Beam CT), Dr Phan is able to diagnose the exact location of vital anatomical structures (i.e. nerves, sinuses) and the amount of bone in all dimensions and it's density to determine the precise positioning of your dental implant for both aesthetics and function. 


Newtom 3D Imaging System


A single NewTom Cone Beam 3D scan captures a complete dento-maxillo-facial record in the form of a database of digital image information from which multiple types of 3D images, including primary reconstruction images in multiple planes, can be created using the system software.  


Because it provides precise 1:1 scale imaging, NewTom technology eliminates the magnification errors of conventional cephalometric imaging technology. In fact, this new imaging technology is so powerful that it is rapidly becoming the standard of care, especially for implantologists, orthodontists, periodontists, and oral/maxillo-facial surgeons. 



3D Conversion of the Cone Beam CT Scan


The CT scan can then be converted into a 3D model for use for: