Teeth Whitening: Professional vs. Over-the-Counter

Find out which whitening option is going to give you the results you’ve been looking for.


You’ve seen all the commercials touting over-the-counter whitening kits and toothpastes. You may be interested in trying them out to seeteeth whitening if they can give you a brighter smile. But did you know that your Avondale dentist Dr. Thihan Phan could also give you that whiter smile fast? Discover the difference between professional and commercial whitening products.


How Bad Are Your Dental Stains?


If you are dealing with some pretty mean yellowing and dental stains then chances are good that you want a product that will truly remove those unpleasant stains as soon as possible. While over-the-counter products might be able to remove some stains they certainly won’t do it as quickly.


It can take several weeks to see even the smallest difference with commercial whitening kits. If you are ready to say goodbye to your dental stains then you will want to chat with our cosmetic dentist in Avondale about in-office whitening or our at-home whitening system.


What Teeth Do You Want to Whiten?


Commercial whitening kits can brighten teeth but usually just the front six teeth. If your other teeth have dental crowns then using this product might not be a bad alternative since you’ll only be bale to whiten natural tooth structures anyway. But if you want to get your smile more evenly white and you don’t have dental restorations like crowns and bridges (which won’t respond to whitening treatment) then you’ll want to consider our professional whitening system.


How Fast Do You Want Results?


Over-the-counter whitening products can be great if you aren’t in any rush to get your smile whiter. But if you have a big occasion like a wedding or job interview coming up then you may be on more of a time crunch. If so, getting professional whitening from your Avondale general dentist is the best way to go. In as little as one one-hour session your smile could be several shades whiter.


If you want to get a whiter smile from your Avondale, AZ dentist then it’s time to call Dr. Phan at Palo Verde Dentistry to find out if this is the right cosmetic procedure for you. Call us today!