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AUGUST 9, 2014 (SATURDAY) 8am-5pm 



We are pretty stoked that football is soon upon us. In honor of that, all patients and non-patients (whether you have an appointment that day or not) are welcome to join in the FREE food & drinks (no alcohol) on August 9th (Saturday) from 8am-5pm. We will be seeing patients that day as well. Chompie's will be catering. All that come by will be entered into our drawing for a $200 ($100 Visa card + $100 off treatment). If you come in with a football jersey, you can be entered in the drawing twice! Winner will be contacted the following week. You must be a patient to receive the prize, so schedule your appointment if you are not a patient and get in on the fun, prizes, and good oral health today!
Check out our facebook event page for more info: