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TMJ TMD Neuromuscular dentist in Avondale, AZ 

K7 Evaluation System/TENS Myotronics


Neuromuscular dentist in AvondalDiagnosing Phoenix Avondale's TMJ and bite Disorders 


Find Balance In Your Bite.



For the diagnosis of malocclusion and TMJ, we use the Myotronics K7 system and a TENSing Unit. The K7 evaluation system lets us measure, display and store all the pertinent data on your jaw’s physiological and anatomical function. K7 utilizes electromyography and joint sonography to gently track the position of your jaw and surrounding muscles, determining the most comfortable, functional and optimal position for your bite.  In other words, "form follows function."  We don't guess where your bite should be when we restore your teeth; we know! .   In orther words, "form follows function."  We don't guess where your bite should be when we restore your teet



We may use a TENS unit, which stands for transcutaneous electrical neuro stimulation, to deliver low-frequency electrical impulses to the jaw muscles. The increased blood flow flushes toxins from the area, and in less than an hour, the muscles relax into their natural position. Once Dr. Phan can see the natural position of your jaw, she creates a custom orthotic appliance for you to wear at night. The appliance will hold your jaw in place and keep you from grinding your teeth while you sleep. Additionally, if a misaligned bite causes your TMJ dysfunction, Dr.  Phan may recommend orthodontics to move your teeth into the correct position.  Other recommendations can also involve ceramic crowns and full mouth reconstruction to reposition the teeth and properly align the jaw for function and relief from TMJ/TMD symptoms.      Other rec


You deserve pain-free days and restful nights. If you suffer the agony of TMD, call Palo Verde Dentistry office of neuromuscular dentist Dr. Thihan Phan today to schedule your relief. Our office is convenient to patients in Avondale, Goodyear, Litchfield Park, Buckeye, Surprise, and the West Valley.