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What Options Are Available For Missing Teeth?

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A missing tooth can be visible in your smile or when you laugh and give an aging or unhealthy impression. It can also adversely affect your dental health. At Palo Verde Dentistry we offer several top-quality ways to replace missing teeth. We enjoy seeing our patients regain their confidence and begin smiling more.

The more delay there is in replacing missing teeth the harder it can be to replace them. That is because remaining teeth shift to fill the gap which creates a misaligned bite and a host of neuromuscular dentistry problems. It also at some point causes bone loss which makes it very difficult to replace a tooth. By replacing your lost teeth you serve yourself well, as it will:

  • Correct your bite, thus improving your health
  • Improve your chewing ability and thus your nutrition
  • Improve speech
  • Give support to the surrounding teeth and facial muscles

There are three main options for replacing missing teeth.  These options can be done exclusively of one another or treatment can be a combination of the different options.

Dental Implants : Nature's Rival

Dental ImplantsDental Implants are fast becoming the first choice for tooth and/or teeth replacement. Now patients who are missing teeth have a strong, beautiful alternative to bridges, partials, or full dentures. Dental implants will improve your smile and your lifestyle. They look, feel, and function like natural teeth because of a titanium anchor attached to the jawbone. Implants can also anchor bridges, partials, or full dentures to eliminate slipping.

After a thorough evaluation, Dr. Phan can tell you whether you’re a candidate for dental implants. They require adequate bone structure for placement. In order to determine adequate bone structure, a 3D CBCT scan is often needed. The first stage of the procedure involves oral surgery in which a titanium post is implanted into the jawbone for each missing tooth or for the new teeth that will anchor a bridge or denture. Nature will take its course, allowing your bone tissue to fuse with the titanium post. This creates a solid foundation.

Your examination, preliminary x-rays, placement and restoration of the dental implants can all be done under one roof.

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Dental Bridges

Dental Implants Avondale AZThe most commonly done bridge consists of an artificial tooth supported by its two neighboring teeth. Those two anchor teeth are given crowns to attach the new tooth (called a pontic), and this allows for normal biting and chewing pressure.

The Bridge Procedure

  1. You will have an anesthetic to numb the area.
  2. The two anchor teeth are also given crowns to support the new tooth in the middle (pontic).
  3. Dr. Phan will take an impression of this area for the dental crowns to be made correctly.
  4.  Dr. Phan will attach the new tooth, which is custom-created to match your natural teeth. It will be firmly attached to the two neighboring crowns.


Dentures (Removable)

Dentures are removable plastic dental appliances that replace missing teeth.  They can replace all of the missing teeth (complete denture) or some of the missing teeth (partial denture). 

Because jaw bone naturally change due to the lack of teeth for them to support, the jaw bone resorps and shrinks when teeth are removed or lost.  Due to this change, traditional dentures become loose over time.  Relining the denture and/or replacement of the denture usually is needed every two to three years, depending on the rate of bone lost, some can be as early as a year. 

New Options! Modern dentistry now has available Implant-Supported Dentures to help secure your dentures for retention and maintain and minimize bone lost.  READ MORE HERE

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